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DE-STEWARD SECURITY SERVICES LTD values the safety of its.....
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DE-STEWARD SECURITY SERVICES LTD. values the safety of its Clients, as well as that of their Assets and Personnel. We recognize the role of continual vigilance, persistence and dedication. In ensuring this, we bring our specialized background to bear in the pursuit of set goals in order to guarantee the satisfaction of our Clients.

Our Guards are well trained, meticulous, responsible and carefully vetted. They are trained to guard, monitor, preserve, protect, support and maintain SECURITY and SAFETY of Personnel and Property, deter, detect and report breaches of organizational rules, policies and procedures, help to prevent unauthorized activities in the guarded premises. Some of these unauthorized activities trespass, forceful entry or intrusion, vandalism, pilferage, theft, arson, abuse, etc. Others include control of entry to restricted areas, verification of pedestrian and vehicle access and performance or routine reporting.

We believe in an era in which the use of night watchmen is grossly inadequate. In compliance with the demand of the modern age of technological explosion and sophistication of all kinds, it is only natural for any well-meaning and serious-minded corporate bodies and even individuals to employ the services of Modern Security Guards. Today, the wave of crime is on the increase, coupled with the harsh economic realities, which grossly limit the resources of the Police, thereby limiting their performance in terms of crime prevention, investigation, patrol and general protection of lives and properties, the need for Modern Security guards cannot be over-emphasized.

Besides, internal crimes within a Company are often not regarded as Police affairs. Rather, they are left with the Management of the Company to handle. To save the Company’s time and money, and to avoid having to cater for too many responsibilities, it is now the opinion of experts that it is better Contracted to modern security companies, which are better placed to handle it. This has both short term and long-term benefit.

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